Recap of updates to date

v1.2.1, uploaded 2/14/2018 - Replaced use of "Arial" with "Roboto" for the sake of consistency across platforms, as Arial is replaced with something unquivalent in WebGL builds. Also, finally uploaded updated standalone binaries (Win, Mac, Linux)

v1.2, uploaded 2/13/2018 - Added Casual difficulty mode; Improved performance (raindrops are now pooled); Other minor fixes

v1.1, uploaded 2/12/2018 - Added pause function ('P' key), added a wait period when a level first begins, and missed drops now don't reduce the total drops required to pass the level


Raindrops v1.2.1 17 MB
65 days ago
Credits.txt 1 kB
65 days ago
Raindrops v1.2.1 21 MB
65 days ago
Raindrops v1.2.1 26 MB
65 days ago
Raindrops v1.2.1 32-bit.tar.gz 26 MB
65 days ago
Raindrops v1.2.1 64-bit.tar.gz 27 MB
65 days ago

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